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Finished Lotus and changing gears

The Lotus is Completus. Now let's talk about it.

Specs: Lotus Blossom Tank from cover of Summer Interweave Knits 06
Size: 39"
Yarn: 3 skeins Southwest Trading Co. Bamboo (100% bamboo, 250 yds)
Needles: Size US5 circular

When I first finished it, I was shocked to discover that it was TOO BIG. A lot TOO BIG. How could this be? I said to self. Self said, Well, what size did you make? I said, Well, certainly not the smallest size because that was only a 33" bust. Self said, So what bust size did you make? Hmm, I said, I'm not sure. Let me consult the pattern.

At which point I screamed with horror (well, not really), because as I read the finished measurements, I saw that the next size up from 33" was 39". Yup, a six-freaking-inch jump. And I did not pay an ounce of attention to this fact when I got started. Not one lick of thought went to the fact that there was SIX inches between the two sizes, and that my actual desired size lay smack in the middle of them. I could have accomodated this somehow, had I thought it through, but no.

Lesson? You are never too far along in your knitting to be a complete DUMBASS.

So - we move on to salvage efforts. Because, you see, I am not a frogger. At least not a frogger of completely-finished-and-otherwise-perfectly-beautiful things. Especially not when they are meant to mostly hang in the store, with the occasional wearing by yours truly. So what was a girl with a 36" bust to do? Well, for one, the front neckline gaped open horrendously:

So I decided I would pick up some stitches across the front straight edge and do a couple more rows of garter and bindoff, and then sew it to the right and left neck edges. I picked up 8 fewer stitches than were originally on the front neck edge, to stabilize:

(By the way: the above picture is accurate in color representation - the others got a little over-exposed by the flash...)

And viola! It worked perfectly - no more huge, see-my-rack neckline. And I tried it on over my shirt and it didn't look too bad (aside from the fact that I had on a blue sleeveless blouse), giving me the brilliant idea of trying it on when I get home tonight over a nice, crisp, white button-up shirt. Cross your fingers for me that this is the final trick I need to make this here Lotus Tank a Perfect Lotus Tank.

OK - I am so sick and tired of dealing with Blogger's inability to get my photos uploaded that I am going to try out blogging them from Flickr for a while (hence the new border).

So - now that I am liberated of one major project, I am, of course, ready for another. You may remember the Leaf Sweater (from an advertising section in the spring Vogue) out of Lana Grossa New Seta that I swatched a long, long time ago. Well, I am starting that sweater, but changing from the purple to the green. I've cast on for the back and am loving it so far.

And last but not least, here is Jason's camo sock in garter rib pattern.

6.10.06 004
Originally uploaded by S-Nitter.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Fyberduck said...

clever trick with Lotus! 6" jump? wow, bad patterning, eh?


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