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adventures in owning a hip and knitworthy yarn store


More about Knitting Rules!...

There is so much I can relate to in this book. Every detail of the obsession applies (with the exception of stash management - that's how you end up with a yarn store, folks). I just find myself nodding and saying, um hmm, that's right, you said it sister! Then I look around to see who may have seen my latest moment of crazy in the hair salon as I sit under a setter with my head covered in foil. Maybe they'll just attribute it to the chemicals seeping into my brain. (They're probably saying - my god! she finally stopped knitting but now she's talking to herself!)

At any rate, it's a relief, somewhat, to read that there are others like me, who eat, sleep, and breath knitting. I've always known in my rational mind that there are, but seeing it all on paper, by someone like Stephanie, well, that make me feel a little better. And because it's such a new thing for me (I would say I only entered this level of knitting obsession when I began to prepare to open the store, about 13 months ago), I was still unsure if this level of knitting freakiness was OK.

It may not be understood by the non-knitting world, but I can handle that.

I was a good girl this morning and did a swatch in pattern for the Seta sweater. Looks like the yarn substitution will work just fine. Time to get started!


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