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Picture Day!

Today was picture day at Campbell's school, which she refused to partake in. Luckily, I snapped this great shot of her before she left, just in case we don't get any from school.

So this is the reason I have had very little knitting to showcase:

We move tomorrow. I can. not. wait. I am ready to have this whole thing over. Plus, I'm really looking forward to getting into our new place, and tired of living in disarray for the last month while we packed up all our crap. Again. To another non-permanant place. Oh well. Waddayagonna do in this over-inflated little town? Here is the sad part of leaving:
This is the view from our bed, and therefore the one we wake up to every morning. Not bad, eh? (That's Mt. Adams and the Columbia River, btw.) And I can't really say we get to wake up to that all winter long, when it's too cloudy to see the mountain. But we can always see the river, which is beautiful no matter what.

So, on to knitting. Here are Nancy and Debbie at last night's sock class:
And here is Judy and Yvonne (who teaches classes here at KAH):
And last but not least, my knitting. I have actually made a lot of progress on the Lotus Tank in the last few days (in my denial of having actual store work), and am very close to finishing up. I'm excited about this one - the pattern has been perfectly lovely, and I've tried on the WIP and I think (knock on wood) that it will fit just fine. And I got the most slammin' red heels the other day, which I will hopefully showcase with the finished Tank very soon.
So that's all for now. The 2nd Koigu sock is getting close as well, so it must be time to start some more socks! And I do plan on getting started on that Leaf Sweater in the Seta - don't give up on that! But - after the move.


At 8:33 PM, Blogger sereknitty72 said...

what a view! we're kinda neighbors--I'm in Corvallis. I've got a view of Mary's Peak from my bed but Mary's Peak is but a flea bite compared to your mountains!
And don't you hate that about blogger?!!! I just posted and had the same thing happen! and no explanation as to why....its a good thing its free!

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Sorry about you loosing the view, but your tank is looking lovely! I haven't cast on for mine yet, I'm currently cranking out baby hats for both unborn nephew and charity, but plan to cast on in the next week or so. And yours is so beautiful and will go well with those lovely red shoes you have. ;) Keep your spirits up and the yarn in your hands. You'll make it through.


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