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Pictures, as promised

Finally, some pictures! A wee bit tardy, but here is my finished Moebius bag from my workshop with Cat Bordhi. The design was a custom design following Cat's formula, including a built-in, no-sew pocket (no sewing on the whole bag, as a matter of fact). I did it with a single strand of Cascade Pastaza on a 47" size 11 addi circular. I'm very pleased with it, except that I would have liked to have felted it a bit more. I had to pull it, though, b/c the bag part was getting too small. So next time (if using Pastaza) I will make the bag opening bigger.

Next! Finished Koigu socks. I really loved working with this yarn (I was a Koigu virgin). I liked the toe up styling with one BIG exception: binding off. I hate how wavy the edges look when they're not being worn. I know - who sees them when they're just in your drawer, but it still bugs me. I will probably be going back to my tried-and-true cuff-down heel-flap socks. But - I love this colorway and can't wait for a chance to wear these (probably not til the next rainy day, or fall, whichever comes first).
Last (of the knitting), but not least by far, the Lotus Tank blocking. I sewed down the straps to the front last night and have picked up and finished one armhole. I tried it on and it is TOO BIG. I will discuss this further when I have finished pics, maybe tomorrow or Friday. Too big, but oh so pretty . . . :( I have some ideas for re-shaping it to make it fit better (don't laugh!).
On to the really fun stuff (skip this if you are only here for the knitting). Monday was CKs 3rd birthday, and we took her to the Oregon Zoo. She had a blast (as did we, b/c watching her is more fun than watching the animals!). The weather was beautiful, and we had a full day. Below is CK with my mom riding the zoo train.

Another shot of CK on the train:

And finally, CK in all her dress-up glory. Queen of the World, if you ask her. This haughty pose was purely instinctive and not requested by the photographer, if that tells you anything. This wonderful getup was a birthday present from her Aunt Tracy, and included velvet cape, tiara, glasses, beads, and high heels. Or as Jason put it, the Complete Elton John Dressup Kit.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Karen said...

I LOVE the pics of the little one! She's got your spunky personality. :) The bag and the socks turned out great. I look forward to hearing more of the "saga of the lotus blossom".


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