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So here it is, Secret Pal time, and I am falling lax in my blogging duties.

I'm sorry.

I have minimal excuses. Bookwork at the store. An impending household move (and therefore the requisite packing). Let's see....what else...oh. Nothing else, I guess.

Here are my Mother's Day socks, all packaged and ready. I made cute little labels after being inspired by Alison's Sockapalooza labels.

And I have been knitting (a bit). The progress on the Bamboo tank is minimal and therefore will not be shown. I do have a great pair of toe-up (my first time) Koigu socks to show,

and to show off someone else's knitting, here is a beautiful pair of Activ Effekt socks that Yvonne knit up for the store:

Thanks Yvonne!

So I think I have a few ideas for my two secret pals (one skein and sp8). And I'm toying with the idea of the crocheted bathmat as a one skein (or cone, as it may be) gift. Though let the record reflect my weak crochet skills and lack of love for Peaches & Cream cotton. But I'll still think about it. . . (maybe it's more that I would like to receive one of those bathmats?? hmm)

Here's a shot from the store balcony - it's been crazy windy here so the kites are out in force on the river. I know they're hard to see - sorry. It's a nice distraction when things slow down around here. :)


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Fyberduck said...

Pretty sox! But, I love the labels the most, I think ;) Too cool.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger Emma said...

The labels are great. They add just the perfect finishing touch.


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