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A taste of sunshine

First: To everyone who expressed their concern and well-wishes about my father-in-law, I sincerely thank you. It was nice to hear from strangers and friends that there were people thinking good thoughts for us. He is seeming to slowly make progress, though there will be much more time in ICU and atleast 6 months recovery, presuming all continues to go well. Thank you, everyone.

It's going to be another beautiful (if windy) day here, and by Monday it will be close to 90. But we all know it's just a teaser, because it always gets cold again at the end of May/beginning of June. Just in time to rain and ruin the cherry crop. But here are pics from the store balcony this morning, to relish for the moment, anyway.

A new project: I have started the Lotus Lace tank that is on the cover of the current Knits. It is knit in SWTC Bamboo, which I carry, so voila! A new store model. One that will fit me, I might add. Hopefully.

I have been contacted by my Secret Pals for both SP8 and One Skein, and am having so much fun! I'm so glad I finally caved and joined the "swap" subworld. :)

Other small tidbits: New sock yarn from The Fiber Denn, procured from the wonderful Etsy (left); and...

I am changing colors on the Seta sweater, from purple to green (more to my taste, in actuality) (right).

That's all for now.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Oh please take more pics of home and post them! Or email them directly to me at I miss home sooo much! All of the photos in my living room are of home. :)


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