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I made spaghetti last night.

And no, I'm not talking about the yummy Italian noodle, often served with a tasty red meat sauce.

I'm talking about a big freaking pile of squiggly cream wool, the result of having to pull out most of my progress on one sleeve.

I should have known it would happen. I think I got a little cocky about my progress to date, a little smug in the knowledge that I would probably finish this sweater by my Olympic deadline. So, the universe punished me.

I was ready to quit for the night, nearing the top of the chart on the sleeves (I'm working them both at the same time). And then I noticed it - somehow I had put in a cable where NO CABLE SHOULD BE. Why? Why would I have done that on one sleeve and not the other? Who knows. I threaded in a lifeline and pulled. Bleck. I left it all squiggly-spaghettily and called it a night (I'd show you pics but I left the camera at the store).

So guess who was back up at 5:30 in the morning to fix the wayward sleeve?? That's right! It was right above a row with a quad-decrease done on one stitch, which was a bitch to backtrack. But, I got it, and I am now almost back even with the other sleeve (hence the photo showing one sleeve facing forward and one backward). This is where I am now:

In other news, we have fun new stuff at the store! I have brought in the lines distributed by Aurora Yarns, which includes Garnstudio. So, pictured below is their yummy 100% Alpaca (beautiful colors, almost 200 yards for $7.95!!!, whew!), and the great Drops Ice, a chunky cotton. And best of all, the Drops pattern magazines. I don't know if you've seen them before, but there's easily 5 or 6 sweaters in each that I'm just itching to do. Oh goodness - my poor projects on sabbatical - how are they going to compete with new stuff? Oh - and I also received some great Activ Effekt self-patterning sock yarn. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


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