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adventures in owning a hip and knitworthy yarn store


Okay, so here it is.

After much harrassing by a certain knitting buddy (Yvonne), I have finally caved and started this blog. In my life there exists NO extra time whatsoever for maintaining a blog, yet here I am, embarking nonetheless. Hmph.

The extra push that led me here was the 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics, and Team Knot Another Hat. Team KAH is 25 members strong, and I felt they needed a forum for sharing their progress on their Olympic projects.

Our team (as of today):
Myself (Rogue hoody)
Yvonne (Elsebeth Lavold sweater)
Renee (felted diaper bag)
Libby (Equivest)
Cindy (felted messenger bag)
Leah (Soy shawl)
Jenny (Anny Blatt wrap cardigan)
Tracy (Jan's felted bag)
Pam (split-neck T)
Jeannie (socks)
Virginia (hat)
Blair (mittens)
Sarah (felted animal)
Susan (Molly's felted bag)
Lynn (felted Easter basket)
Teri (Heidi's Tote)
Anne (child's sweater)
Crystal (felted bag)
Cherri (Flower Power Triangle Shawl)
Julie (spinning wool for felted bag)
Amancay (crocheted black ruffle scarf)
Marie Louise (double Moebius basket)
Sonja (crocheted socks)
Alison (shrug for daughter May)
Christie (socks)


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Fyberduck said...

I agree with Vonnie! You could have the most fascinating blog, even if you only talked about the day-to-day stuff on owning/ running a yarn shop! A lot of knitters would be curious about it. And, you could make public the problems you're having with certain suppliers ;)


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