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Day 2: Knitting Olympic Nightmare

Remember that yarn I used out of the end table in my living room?

Oh cursed, cursed yarn.

Mid-way through that ball, around 10 pm last night, it started to fall apart. Literally. I first noticed that one ply (out of four) had broken as I came across the previous row, right in the middle of the cable chart. Since three plies still held, I just thought I would keep an eye on it and keep going.

Wrong. By the time I made it around again, 3 plies had snapped and the stitches were barely holding on by one lonely little ply. I decided I would cut some yarn and go in and stitch it over those precipitous, fraying stitches - after completing a few more rows. I did one more row, and felt a knot building in my working yarn, below my hand. I stopped, looked, and discovered not a knot, but another broken ply, unraveling around the 3 remaining plies. I swore. I stopped. Backed up 10 stitches or so, cut off the offensive yarn, and rejoined. Now, a normal person might stop to worry that this was perhaps a bad ball of yarn. Not I, knithlete in pursuit of perfection. I plowed on.

And not one row later, the SAME thing happened again. Again, I tell you! Two plies frayed and I had to stop, cut out the broken yarn, and join new. But AGAIN, did I put aside this faulty ball and seek out a better choice? No. What kind of challenge would that be?

I worked another row. I decided I would go and fix that original spot where I was down to one, frayed ply holding my knitting together in the cable. So I fixed that, and picked up where I left off. I knit 3 stitches and came to the end of the yarn. I said, what the hell?? I said other things that I can't type here because this time, the yarn had broken COMPLETELY.

At this point I finally clued myself in, dropped the crappy ball of yarn, and started with a new ball. Problem solved, for now.


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