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The cost of Olympic obsession.

Sleep. That is the cost of Olympic obsession. It is 5:45 am, and as my husband left for work, suddenly thoughts of continuing knitting popped into my sleepy head, thereby ruining any chance at all for going back to sleep until a decent hour. Like, say, 7.

So I may as well tell you about my progress on Day 4! My secret personal goal was to finish both front and back, so that the body could be scratched off the to-do list.

I almost made it.

But I feel good anyway, considering that the front has more cabling and charting at the neckline. I did indeed finish the back, and the left front, and am poised to slip my live right front stitches back on the needles and go to town. Then it's on to the sleeves. Woohoo!

I must say that I am cruising through this thing at a much faster rate than I had originally anticipated. It's just too bad that I absolutely hate doing sleeves. Maybe I'll do one sleeve, do the hood, and then do the other.

On another positive note, I have gone through rougly 550 yards of a required 1300, so that makes me about 42% finished, right?

Now, on to making coffee.


At 8:06 AM, Blogger TGirl said...

Hi Sarah - my goodness you are streets ahead!! I love the kangaroo pocket (which I have not done because I can really do without anything adding extra dimension to my stomach!). I am interested to know how you hide the "wraps" in the pattern just before the cast off for the back section, perhaps we can compare notes? I am doing mine in Rowan All Season's cotton - I wanted something I could just throw in the washing machine without worrying. It seems to be knitting up nicely. I love the neck cabling but you are making it all look so easy!! I think Team Rogue will need to do lots of pom-pom waving & cheering by the time we all get to the cabled hoodie. Good luck!!


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Knot Another Hat said...

Hey T,

I wasn't so sure about that hiding the wraps thing, either, but I played around and came up with something that seemed to work. I stuck my right needle through the wrap AND the stitch it was wrapped around, and knitted through both. It seemed to work. Same concept with purling, but it was a little more awkward, so I actually slipped the purl to the right needle, used the left needle to pick up the wrap and put it on the right needle, and slipped left needle in both to purl. Does that make sense? Looks weird written out. . . Love the look of the Rowan All Seasons Cotton - haven't used it before and don't stock it in the store, but your sweater is inspiring. I'll have to keep my eye on it.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

dude, you are cruisin'! good job - it looks amazing. i'm hoping to get some good solid knitting in tonight - my secret knitting trump card is that i work in a school and we're on winter break next week. that equals reduced hours at work and increased hours at knitting.

i'm working rogue in bartlett yarns' fishermans yarn - it's okay ... a little scratchy, but i'm hoping it softens up with washing.


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