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Olympics: Pre-dawn, day 2

Whew, I knit through the entire night, and am finished with the body and ready to start the sleeves.

Ha ha.

I only knit until 10, when I realized I needed to join a new ball, which I didn't bring home from the store. Then I woke up at 6:40 realizing that I had an extra ball of the same yarn, same dyelot, already wound, sitting inside my end table in the living room (don't ask why). So I got up and worked a little more before I had to set down my needles and take a shower. I am sure that bathing will become less and less important as the Olympics wear on.

So: hem facing-done. 13 rows of body-done. Kangaroo pocket-almost done.

The best part about this pattern? I love cables, but they are time consuming. This is the perfect combo of mindless and having-to-pay-attention knitting. The celtic cables are knit up the side (accomplishing the side shaping at the same time-yay!), so you only have to periodically pay attention.

And, there is such an emotional payoff when you get to see your cables developing. Aaahh.


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