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My Mojo's Back, Baby!

Boy, when it's on, it's on!

First, I did that sock in about 28 hours. Then, yesterday I decided we needed another Minnowknits store model because this one keeps selling out. So I picked the Cotton Roll Sweater and cast on yesterday around noon (in Manos Cotton Stria). Now granted, this is a teeny sweater for a mini-person, but the front and back are done and I'm starting the sleeves.

Then, when I went home for the evening I grabbed the little leftover ball of Fun & Stripes that I had to complete a set of toddler socks for my neice. These sock were supposed to be for Campbell, but after I finished the first one a month and a half ago, it didn't fit her. So they'll be for my niece Naomi. So I cast that on at about 6:30 and got half-way through the foot before I called it a night.

This is all so amazing to me, because this is how I normally knit. It's just that the last three or four weeks have been somewhat of a dry spell for me, with very little knitting and even less motivation for knitting. I don't know why or how my mojo came back, but it's back baby!


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Yea for the mojo!


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