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Craftiness around the house and finished Cuppencakken

After long being disgusted at the state of our dining room chairs and bar stools, it suddenly dawned on us that we could just re-cover them. Duh. So I found some wonderful upholstry fabric and this morning I did just that. Talk about easy!

And here are the finished dining room chairs...

And the finished bar stools...
This is a hideous sweater that I did last summer. It is from The Cherries in the Spring 03 issue of Knitty, and it completely did not work for me. It could not have been less flattering. Oh - and I used Crystal Palace Glam, which I still really like. So, I frogged it. I'm re-knitting the yarn in Chris Bylsma's Ladder Shawl pattern, on size 11s.
And, as promised, the finished cupcake ottoman. Cuppencakken, baby!
And here is the knitter, owner of So Much Fun, Ms. Sabrina. See how proud she is of her cupcake? She's already ordered another ottoman to make a complete set. (By the way, just to piss everyone off, Sabrina only learned to knit around the beginning of May, at the same time as opening up her own business. So there!)


At 4:25 AM, Blogger meg said...

Hi Sarah, UGH..reading your blog puts me to shame. You are such a doll to still like me even though my blog is soooo boring without pictures. Have a Happy Fourth...and enjoy the view from your balconey.


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