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Guess who blew her cover??????

Yours truly.

I signed my name on an email to my SP. HOW COULD I DO THAT?!?! I thought I was being so careful. And I knew that she was really close to figuring out who I am, simply b/c she is coming out to Oregon to visit in August, and she was looking up area yarn stores to shop at, AND I FREAKING OWN ONE. Who knew?!? The coordinators could never have known that they would match up two people on separate sides of the country who would be likely to meet in person! But that's the best part - we are going to meet in person when she comes out this summer, and we're going to do a little sight-seeing and fiber shopping. :)

So without further ado - my SP: Meg, from Knit and Sip, and the land of (pie) cherries, Traverse City, Michigan. Go check out her blog - she's a great knitter from all accounts! And getting to know her has been like having a great pen pal - but one that I actually get to meet! How cool is that? And how many SP's can say that they've met their pals??

Here is the frogged Glam-turned-shawl. I really love the Chris Bylsma pattern, and it shows off this ribbony yarn really well. Yay! It was a quick knit on size 11 circulars, and I went through 5 balls (with 87 yards each). I chose to do the optional knitted-in self-fringe, which turned out nice. I also just tied my yarn joins and left the ends hanging willy-nilly all over. This will be great for fall.


At 4:59 PM, Blogger meg said...

Funny you posted about being busted on your blog today..I was going to make sure readers of my blog will check out your awsome yarn shop and blog! My list of things to buy from your shop is growing...and with your help, I know I will end up with some other "unplanned" for projects too.


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