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Bing me, baby!

It's Cherry Season!

Doesn't this guy look like he knows what he's doing?? This is V's hubby, on his first day as All Around Driver Man for my parents' cherry operation. And here he is, only a couple of hours in and getting a crash course in driving an older-than-time forklift, whose brakes have stuck, and learning with a bad clutch on an inclince. NO PROBLEM!

This is Lori, knitter extraordinaire, who just finished a beautiful maternity tank top for her daughter-in-law. She took the Ann Norling garter-stitch cami pattern and customized it into a maternity top that will fit perfectly (out of Katia Idea Jeans)! Congratulations Lori!

And what are these beauties, you ask?? Why, they are none other than my amazing gifts from my amazing One Skein Secret Pal. This yarn is Great Adirondacks Wool Homespun, 85 wool and 15 silk, in a beautiful pastelly colorway. The package also had a great candle from Bali, a cabled hat pattern for the yarn, and a really nice card. We have a lot in common (it seems) in that we both seem to have had really frustrating grad student experiences. But we made it, didn't we! Thanks Secret Pal!

And last, but never least: like Father, like Daughter. Here's a candid shot of daddy and campbell, enjoying a little r & r on Father's Day. Both relaxed, both with mouths open. :)


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous One Skein Secret Pal said...

The pictures of the yarn look great and thanks for the nice words about them.


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