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More FOs, both mine and my husband's

The Men's Ribby Cardy in Manos. I got one sleeve done and joined to the body, and started the next sleeve, and that's about it. I have lost interest in the sweater in favor of socks, socks, socks. My socks list is about thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss long and growing. I don't understand the obsession! Maybe I'm making up for lost time, since I only recently started knitting socks. But I'm headed to Tahoe this weekend, and what am I thinking about? Knitting socks on the plane. I have this irrational fear of the security folks taking away my addis and leaving me stranded. Won't happen.

So speaking of socks. Here are the finished Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave, knit in Mountain Colors Bearfoot. And they are yummy. That's all I can say. Love 'em.

I hate sock pictures on the feet. They always make calves look big.

In other FO news, here are Jason's finished Felted Clog Slippers! Knit in Cascade 220 and Cascade EcoWool, for his dad. For Christmas. Last Christmas. But hey - it's the thought that counts! And to his credit, he went straight from learning to knit on a dishcloth to tackling this pattern, which includes knitting in the round, knitting short rows, 3-needle bind-offs, and more. He did swell. And he liked them so much after he felted them that he has started an adorable pair for our daughter. Pics of those to come soon. Also to come soon: pics my bright orange and pink socks in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fun & Stripes.


Is it really any surprise?

I knew I shouldn't have done this, but I couldn't resist. I shouldn't even be posting the results, but hey, I'm a sucker for punishment.

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.

You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.

You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.

Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!


Sockos Finitos

Pictured here are two pairs of finally-finished socks.

On top, the First Socks. Yup, that's right, my very first pair of socks. They are only "finally" finished, because I knit the first sock, got excited about socks, and promptly left it behind to knit other socks. So I had one, lone, pink sock for six months or so, and I finally finished the other last night.

But. These are Socks Of Many Gauges. The first sock (knit on US1's in Opal Rain Forest) is, let's say, normal. And so is the first 2" of the second sock. Then, after picking the 2nd sock up a week ago, I proceeded to continue knitting it banshee style. That means like a crazed, hunched over, tense insane woman. So, the stripes are different, and it is definitely snugger than its partner. Oh well. THEY'RE FINISHED.

And not nearly as exciting but equally pleasing to be finished: Jason's socks (Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool on size US6's). I got one done during the Olympics while working on the Rogue, but had to wait to finish the other until the Olympics were over. And so:

Sockos Finitos.


Award Ceremonies for Team Knot Another Hat

Here are the highlights from our 2006 Winter Knitting Olympics Medal Ceremony for Team Knot Another Hat. All finishers won Gold Medals (and $10 gift cards to the store). Congratulations everyone!

Anne and her daughter Mikayla, modeling the Kids Bulky Cardigan that Anne knit in Cascade EcoWool and Crystal Palace BeBop.

Alison (left) knit a beautiful chunky weight shrug. Sarah (right) another Olympic
participant, graciously modeled it for us all.

Sarah's mother, Susan, knit and felted this beautiful striped tote with
A shot of projects from top: Messenger bag from knit by Cindy in EcoWool; Ruffle Scarf crocheted in Gedifra California by Amancay; Crocheted socks by Sonja; Moebius basket knit and felted in Manos del Uruguay by Marie Louis; Striped tote by Susan in Creative Focus Worsted; Mittens by Blair from Ann Budd's Handy Guide to Patterns; Cashmere vest by Libby (her own design).

These amazing dragons are the design of Sarah (pictured above in the shrug), who crochets them in wool and felts them.
Blair, modeling the sweater his wife Yvonne knit him for the Olympics, in addition to being draped in the Shawl that Cherri made from the Crystal Palace Kit.

Sonja showing us her crocheted socks, done in MicroSpun.