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Sockos Finitos

Pictured here are two pairs of finally-finished socks.

On top, the First Socks. Yup, that's right, my very first pair of socks. They are only "finally" finished, because I knit the first sock, got excited about socks, and promptly left it behind to knit other socks. So I had one, lone, pink sock for six months or so, and I finally finished the other last night.

But. These are Socks Of Many Gauges. The first sock (knit on US1's in Opal Rain Forest) is, let's say, normal. And so is the first 2" of the second sock. Then, after picking the 2nd sock up a week ago, I proceeded to continue knitting it banshee style. That means like a crazed, hunched over, tense insane woman. So, the stripes are different, and it is definitely snugger than its partner. Oh well. THEY'RE FINISHED.

And not nearly as exciting but equally pleasing to be finished: Jason's socks (Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool on size US6's). I got one done during the Olympics while working on the Rogue, but had to wait to finish the other until the Olympics were over. And so:

Sockos Finitos.


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