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Projects (kind of) on Sabbatical: 5

Socks for Mr. Keller.

These are some comfy socks for my husband, knit in the super-dooper hand-dyed 4/8s Wool from Mountain Colors, on 2 pairs of Addi Turbos in size 6. I only recently came into the sock knitting world, and am so hooked already. After finishing my first pair and realizing that hand-knit socks really are more comfortable than commercial socks, I promised Jason a pair so he could see that for himself.

I say that they are "kind of" on sabbatical because I'm using them for demonstration in my Socks on 2 Circulars class, which will be finishing tonight. I needed to get them completed up to grafting the toe so I can demonstrate the Kitchener stitch to the class, so I had to put KO knitting aside for about half an hour this morning. On the positive side, this means he'll have one finished sock after class this evening!


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