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Tofu, anyone?

So the body is done on my Soy Silk Sweater, and I'm about halfway through the sleeves (doing both at once - takes f o r e v e r - and they're only 3/4 sleeves!).

Being true to my nature, now that I'm almost done with a major project, I (of course) want to start a new one. This is what I'm eyeing:

The yarn is new from Lana Grossa and yummy yummy yummy. It is New Cotton Seta, and it is so amazingly yummy soft I just can't believe it. Great colors, too. The sweater is from the Spring Vogue (advertising section, nonetheless) and caught my eye on my first perusal. It's worked on 4,0mm (US6), but the drop-stitch pattern is intriguing. We shall see. Right now I'm fighting myself with everything I've got to finish the damn Soy sleeves before starting something new.

And besides, once my Soy sweater is done, if I ever get stranded on a desert isle, and am wearing my sweater, I can boil bits of it down every day for a nutricious meal. What beats that?


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