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Ready for a novel?

Ok. I know, I know. It's been practically a month since I've posted. Bad, bad Sarah. I have excuses, I have reasons, but what it really all boils down to is laziness. We're getting ready to launch a re-designed website for the store, and I have been utterly consumed with prepping the graphics. All day long, I photoshop my way through hundreds of pictures of yarn balls and colorways, trying to capture the "best" representation of the color, or the variation, or whatever. I'm getting close - maybe 75% done. But that's my best excuse for not posting recently. I'm so sick of working on the computer, and photoshopping pics that I haven't had the motivation to get a silly blog post up.


The motivation comes from Asher, who I finally got to meet this last week. She came down to spend her Spring Break with Yvonne and Blair, and she keeps a kick-ass blog. I regularly read her (up-to-date) blog and have envy that I don't post more frequently. That and signing up for Secret Pal 8 has finally prompted me to get off my duff and post something - in the form of:

Stripey socks in Meilenweit Cotton Fun & Stripes.
I. just. love. these. socks. This colorway of oranges and pinks makes me so happy, and I love how the MCFS gets so soft and smooth after it has been through the wash. Mmm mmm mmm. I had enough left over for a pair for CK. Have I mentioned how sock crazy I've gone? I think I'm up to 6 adult pairs and the pair for Campbell, all in the last 2 months. Pair #6 was out of the Steinbache Wolle Activ Effekt, in a weird, only-a-man-could-pull-it-off colorway that had brown, tweedy black/white, orange, and a touch of minty green. Sounds putrid, but it looked good when they were done. And there's enough of that left for a CK pair, as well.
For #7 I am doing Fritzy's socks from Mountain Colors in some Cherry Tree Hill superwash that I picked up in Tahoe. Yes, I bought yarn on vacation. I also nabbed some yummy Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Camo to do a pair for Jason - I'm thinking of something from the Knitting Vintage Socks book by Nancy Bush. That was great vacation reading, by the way.

So what are these adorable little things, you ask? These are the oh-so-cute slippers that Jason whipped up for CK on vacation. We had a bunch of leftover Nashua Creative Focus Worsted, and J was feeling bouyed by the great slippers he did for his dad, so he thought he'd make some munchkin-sized ones for Campbell. He did them in the three days we were gone (his third project, ever, mind you) and we felted them when we got home. CK loves sitting on the dryer to watch the goods agitate and felt up. Unfortunately we need to get some leather soles b/c our wood floors cause CK to look like Bambi when she puts them on. But I can tell you there is nothing more precious than hearing your almost-3-yr-old say:

"My daddy knit me slippers!"

Last, but of course not least, are my new buttons. I'm going to do the Pacific Northwest Lace KAL starting on the 15th, thanks to Asher and Yvonne's invite. And this Cast-On button is too well-done to not use. And that's all for now. Not quite a novel, I guess. I promise to be better.


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Fyberduck said...

aaaww, danka. I LOVE the Fair Isle pullover. Now I must find a copy of that Vogue...


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