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I am Bart Simpson. I can not learn a lesson. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Another project finito. Kind of. I actually finished this back in August or September, and never wove in the ends. How stupid. Oh - it's a Soy Silk stole, knit horizontally on alternating US13s and US5s. Great, easy pattern and the Soy Silk knits with amazing drape for a plant fiber. So where do I file this - 2005 or 2006? Hmm...

This is a pic of the goods that are waiting in the wings. On the left is Lorna's Laces in Camo that I'm going to do in some Vintage Socks pattern for J. On the right, and pictured more closely below, is:

My beautiful Christmas gift from Yvonne. It is her handspun alpaca and silk yarn, with beads. It is beautiful. I have no idea what I want to do with it, but it better be cool. And it has to be something I'm going to wear. But not a scarf. See previous posts.

Oops. Nevermind - looks like I'm going to tackle another scarf. Can I not learn a lesson from myself? Did I not just gripe and bitch and moan two days ago that I hate knitting scarves and that once started, I seem to have some sort of mental issue with finishing them? Oh well, here I go anyway. This Noro Transitions needs to be worked up, and by golly, I'm just the gal to do it.


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