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Forgotten FO

I awoke this morning realizing I had left out a Finished Object in my quest to display every major project I had knit to date. How could I do this? Easy: it wasn't "for the store," it was just for "me." It seems lately that anything not knit for the store doesn't matter. That's because everything I knit is for the store (aside from a few gifts), and this is one sweater that I actually just knit just for myself. To top it off, I didn't even get the yarn from my own shelves: I bought it at my nearest competitor's store.

The yarn was Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, in a deep teal color that you won't find in any other garment in my wardrobe. If you're familiar with the yarn, you know it is buttery soft and irresistible, and slightly bulky. The pattern was Amy King's Drop-Stitch Cardigan from the Fall 05 Knits. I modified it by adding a hood in place of the ribbed collar. In order to make gauge with the slightly bulky Grande I upped the needles to size 9. I completely pissed myself off by sewing in a non-separating zipper while in a rush to finish the damn thing. Who does that? Seriously? How did I not notice until I was done that I could only get it on by pulling it over my head? At any rate, that was all well and good b/c I then sent it out to my finisher, Rene Dickey, who sewed in a much more lovely zipper with much lovelier stitching.

Overall I really do like the sweater. It is comfy and warm. It looks great with a skirt but looks a little short with pants, so next time I would probably make it a little longer. The yarn is nice, but it pills sumtn feers! I constantly have to pick little bits off under the arms and on the sleeves. Oh well. It's mine all mine, and right now too, not next year when the yarn's discontinued and no longer available and therefore the display is no longer needed.

In unrelated news, here's why I'll be busy this weekend:

And here are CK's Stripey Socks on CK's Little Feet:


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