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Hi! My name is Cherri Keller. Yes, I have the same last name as Sarah and am her Mother-in-Law. I’m one of the nice Mother-in-laws and tell everyone that I was the one that taught Sarah to knit. Which I did, but her love for fibers and yarns took her further than I have ever thought of going with the hobby of knitting.

I purchased a Flower Power Triangle Shawl from Sarah last August. I read the pattern over and over and set everything up to begin the project. This kit has 6 different Crystal Palace Yarns in 10 different colors. I knit with two colors of my choice in garter stitch for four to six rows. Then I keep one of the yarns and change the other to a new yarn. I started with two stitches and increased ever odd number row. I had to cut the yarn each change, leaving an 8 to 10 inch fringe.

This is not a pattern one can knit, chat, and pick up when ever they want. I had to have all 10 balls of yarn out so I could find the new yarn. The main thing too was you didn’t want the shawl to look like you were doing a pattern of so many rows with the same colors.

I started to knit on the night of the 10th, but I had company and they wanted to talk. Also the 35” circular needles where difficult to handle doing only two, three, and four stitches. The next day I got straight 15 needles and that night started again. This time not only was there still the company, but a puppy joined the group. Again I had troubles visiting and knitting, plus the puppy liked all the different yarns waving in the wind. After taking yarn away from the dog twice, I stopped again. Once everyone left Monday I was able to try to knit again. I’m over half done and than I have to add all the fringe and block.

I asked Sarah, Where is it written that when a person has a job to do with a deadline, does everyone and their dog show up?

Almost done,


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