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Sunday Morning Progress: All Before a Latte!

So I awoke this morning at 5:40 with thoughts of sewing my sleeves seams. I realized this was too early to get up and sew sleeves, so I decided to try to go back to sleep for at least an hour. Then my daughter woke up, so I got up to put her back to bed, and by then it ws 6:00 so I stayed up. Sleeves it was.

So by 7 the sleeves were done, and I though, gee, why don't I just go ahead and set them in to the body of the sweater?

Tada! By 10 (including breakfast breaks and a short break to have my "hair done" by my 2 year old), the sleeves were sewn in and ends woven. I haven't tacked up the bias hem facing yet because I think I need to refer to my Vogue book for tips on that (new skill, yay!).

So, hood is picked up and about 8 rows worked, out of 90-something, I think. And that will be it! Whew! One week to finish, I think I can make it (at the risk of having the universe again punish me for getting cocky).


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